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The tarpon is a giant among Florida's saltwater game fish. Although it is not the largest game fish an angler can catch and release, it’s known as “the silver king” The "Megalops Atlanticus" is astonishingly powerful and is famous among anglers as the mythological silver beast that can walk on water. Tarpon, once hooked, are known for jumping and thrashing about, their tails skitting across the water.

Simply hooking a tarpon can be an experience in itself. The tarpon’s mouth is extremely hard and has been likened to tough construction-grade concrete. Subsequently, successful hook sets are almost more challenging than actually getting an aggressive tarpon to take a well-presented bait.

When a tarpon finally chomps on your bait or fly, and the hook is set, the fish will put on an impressive aerial acrobatics show. Seasoned tarpon anglers, when trading notes on a day’s work, will often proudly include the number of “fish jumped” as well as the number of fish landed.

During the summer and early fall months on Florida's Space Coast schools of giant Tarpon can be found rolling and feeding right off the beaches. Schools of 100 pound tarpon are common in the summer time and anglers have a better opportunity to hookup with these jumping giants. The best if you never have to fight the crowds, most of the time you have fish all to yourself. Tarpon will often respond to well artificial lures, but when a properly presented live bait is thrown nearby, you'd better hang on and watch out!

To book a trip to Cocoa Beach in call Captain Mike Badarack at 321 - 863 -0561