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This is the fish that everyone wants to catch. Snook are known for their top water hits, line burning runs, and down right "meanness." This great gift to our area waters is receiving the conservation attention that will protect and keep it around for a long time. A new size and bag limit has recently been put into effect.

We catch snook on the flats near mangroves, spoil islands, docks, and bridges. The best snook fishing is during the fall and spring mullet runs.. If you're looking for some great top water action, these are the fish that you want to chase. I mean you just have to love a fish with a racing stripe.

The common snook is the most abundant of the four species and is designated as a species of special concern in Florida. It will be the focus for the rest of this list. Snook can tolerate a wide range of salinity and may be found in fresh water. However, they are extremely sensitive to temperature and a strong, fast moving cold front through an area containing snook may claim many lives due to the rapid drop in water temperature.

Snook are known as "ambush feeders" meaning that they'll surprise attack their prey as it swims or moves into range. This occurs especially at the mouths of inlets where currents play a role while the snook waits in hiding behind bridge pilings, rocks, or other submerged structures. Besides preying on small fish, snook also feed on shrimp, crabs, and mollusks. Snook are very popular with recreational anglers due to their strong fighting spirit and mild, delicate flavor.

To book a trip for snook fishing near Orlando call Captain Mike Badarack at 321 - 863 -0561