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Night Fishing

Indiaan River Lagoon Sunset

Fishing at night for snook offers an experience that is absolutely second-to-none. Whether you want to fish for snook or tarpon around the dock lights, bridges, or shallow water flats you'll find what you're looking for after sundown. Some of the largest snook ever seen in Florida have be caught at night. Its widely accepted that if the snook fishing is good during the day, it will be absolutely incredible at night. These fish often use the cover of darkness to ambush prey as it swims or drifts by.

Often huge concentrations of snook can be found literally "stacked up," under some dock lights and bridges after sun down. These fish are often suckers for small artificials and live bait. Darkness also often increases the snooks willingness to feed. Snook can sometimes even be heard "slurping" baits from the surface far out of sight. This sound can send chills down an anglers back.

Nothing gets the blood pumping faster than hearing schools of feeding snook and tarpon all around you. To add to this, the temperatures are often much more enjoyable after sundown, especially during the hot summer months ( May-October). The backdrop of the clear Florida night sky is the perfect setting for you next fishing adventure. During the fall and spring mullet run anglers will find the best atcion fishing at night around the full moons. And on most nights anglers will have the fish all to them selfs. I offer trips on the Indian River Lagoon. Depending on weather, moon, and tides. Start times will also vary.

You can also catch redfish, sea trout, black drum, and small sharks while fishing at night on the Indian River Lagoon. Located 90 minutes south of Orlando anglers find themselves on some of the most pristine waters of Central Florida. Unlike the Mosquito Lagoon the Indian River Lagoon has a strong tidal flow mostly in part to Sebastian Inlet. This tidal flow attracts many different species of fish to the shallow water flats, rivers, and spoil islands. This area offers many styles of fishing for most of Florida's inshore game fish.