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What Should I Bring?

Depending on the length of charter consider bringing snacks, drinks, camera, hat, and a rain jacket if the weather looks like rain. The boat is equipped with an ice chest for your food and drinks and I always fill it with bottled water and fresh ice. Please pack light when packing for your trip, there is limited space on the boats for extra's. A small waterproof bag is also a great idea. Please, no extra coolers on the boats.

What are We Fishing For?

The question is really what are you looking to fish for? I offer light tackle inshore fishing trip's for redfish, trout, snook, black drum, and small tarpon. Talk to me, and let me know what your expectations are. This way I can plan the best trip I can for you. Please keep in mind that the season can dictate what we are able to target.

Do I Need to Buy a License?

No. I cover all of your fishing licenses that you will need while fishing with us. I am licensed guide inside of the Canaveral National Seashore, and Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge, as well as a U.S.C.G six pack approved. And all of my charters are fully insured. I am C.P.R and first aid certified.

What Will We Be Fishing With?

Most of my fishing is done with artificials as well as live bait on light spinning tackle. Depending on your skill I will work with you throughout the day to help you spot the fish, and make the perfect cast. Its best to get a little practice if you can, because every shot counts. For the advanced angler I offer sight fishing trips. Anglers new to fishing might feel more comfortable with live bait. It really depends on the angler, weather, and what the fish feel like chewing on that day.

When is the Best Time of the Year to Fish?

Depending on what you are looking to chase on the flat's, every month is great in that it brings us something a little different to fish for. Our Lagoons are special in the fact that most of our redfish, black drum, and sea trout never leave our lagoons to go offshore and spawn. That means we can find fish year round inside the Lagoons.

Spring and summer - months you can find schools of redfish in the 20-40 pound range tailing on the flat's in 2-4 foot of water inside the Mosquito Lagoon. Tarpon, and big snook move onto the flat's of the Indian River Lagoon. During the spring and fall mullet runs, anglers can look foward to that slam three, even a few grand slams in the Sebastian back waters on light tackle. Night fishing fires up during the hot summer months, and it's a great way to beat the long hot days and fishing crowds.

Fall and winter - months the water becomes gin clear from the cooler water temps and the sight fishing is at it's best inside the Mosquito Lagoon. The shrimp spawn on the flat's really fires up the redfish bite. You will also find trout, and black drum tailing in super shallow water. The tarpon are gone, and the snook get very picky around the cold fronts.

Can We Keep Our Fish?

I encourage catch, photo, and release fishing with my customers. This helps reduce the strain on our fishery and will greatly ensure our future success in fishing. If your looking to take a couple fish home for dinner that night you will need to bring a small cooler that will stay in your car while your out fishing. I will clean and bag them for you free of charge. If your looking to mount a prize fish we suggest MountThis.