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The spotted sea trout is the most common fish found in the area. Although they are not the most aggressive fighters, trout will take a number of artificial and live baits. They inhabit the grass flats, canals, bays and river systems across Florida.

We enjoy using top water plugs for trout since nothing beats a top water hit. Trout will "hammer" a surface lure. We use barb-less hooks when fishing for trout since they are delicate fish. This insures a safe catch and release. Mosquito lagoon and the Indian River Lagoon are famous for its big numbers of "gator trout".

Spotted sea trout males average 19 inches in length. Females are 25 inches long on average. Males and females weigh 2 to 3 pounds . Distinguishing characteristics include a dark gray or green back and silvery-white below, with distinct round spots on back, fins and tail; black margin along the edge of tail; soft dorsal (back) fin with no scales; and one or two prominent canine teeth usually present at the tip of the upper jaw.

Fly fishing for sea trout is a bit more relaxed than fishing for redfish and black drum. When sea trout school over deeper water just about every cast is a chance to hook a sea trout. The larger sea trout can be found in water as shallow as ten inch's laid up waiting to ambush prey. Sight fishing these trophy sea trout on fly can be exciting and very challenging for skill levels The best time of day is at sunrise and sunset unless it’s overcast.

To book a trip to the Indian River Lagoon in Titusville call Captain Jon Lulay at 407-733-3223