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Light Tackle And Fly Fishing For Black Drum

Black drum are related to the redfish family. They school up in the winter months where they move into shallow water to feed on the small shrimp, and crabs. Just like the redfish, black drum will root around and tail in skinny water looking for food. Anglers are able to sight fish the brutes on light tackle and on fly. Through out the summer months the bigger black drum move into deeper water around the bridges and channels.

Black Drum reach a maximum size of just over 100 pounds but usually range in the 5 to 30 pound range on the flats of the Mosquito Lagoon and the No Motor Zone. They have deep bodies with 4 or 5 broad black bars on their sides. Drum feed on a variety of things, such as, small fish, crustaceans, and oysters. They can be found over sand or mud bottoms on shallow water flats. Black drum aren't usually caught on artificial baits because they lack the speed to chase down lures and depend heavily on smell. These fish are know for their great fighting ability, they they just don't seem to give up.

Fly fishing for black drum is best in the winter time when the water is low and gin clear. Anglers are able to stalk these amazing fish as they are tailing or pushing on the flat's. Anglers need to cast accurately to catch these gentile giants on flies. They feed primarily by smell, using their barbells to locate foods like clams, crabs, shrimp and other crustaceans, various marine worms, or small minnows in or along the bottom. The fly must settle within a few inches of the drums head or it will never see it. We make our own custom flies that are tried, true, and proven to get a bite. Looking to fight a trophy black drum on fly, book a trip to the No Motor Zone or the Mosquito Lagoon during the fall and winter months for the best action.

To book a trip to the No Motor Zone in Cape Canaveral call Captain Bob Jaspers at 321 - 863 -0561