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Fishing in Cocoa Beach, Florida can be a fun challenge for anglers of all ages and experience. During the summer and early fall months on Florida's Space Coast schools of giant tarpon can be found rolling and feeding right off the beaches. Schools of 100 pound tarpon are common in the summer time and anglers have a better opportunity to hookup with these jumping giants.

The best if you never have to fight the crowds, most of the time you have fish all to yourself. Tarpon will often respond to well artificial lures, but when a properly presented live bait is thrown nearby, you'd better hang on and watch out!

Cobia are hard fighting, heavy fish that never seem to give up the battle even after they're boated. Average size of this fish seems to be over 25 lbs with 35-40 lbs not uncommon. Brown to black colored with no teeth, short spikes on their backs and plenty of "BIG FISH" attitude. Cobia are often mistaken by anglers for sharks and can be seen freely swimming near the surface or over structure. For the most part cobia are dark brown but can have some color fluctuation due to genetics or habitat. We generally have a “Spring” (Feb-March) and a “Fall” (Oct-December) run of these incredibly hard fighting yet good tasting fish.

East Central Florida hosts some of the best king mackerel fishing in the United States in the summer and fall months. One of the most enjoyable angling opportunities. Kings are schooling fish that migrate from south Florida waters in winter to more northerly waters in spring within a mile of the beach and just beyond the breakers. Day time slow trolling and drifting will produce 20 pound average kingfish though it is not uncommon to catch fish larger than 40 pounds. Kingfish are hard hitting and fast. Not uncommon to have the kings skyrocket for an exciting time and great fight.